Welcome to the World of Jen: Laugh Often and Love Much.
I am an actor/singer/tell-me-what-you-want-and-I'll-figure out-how-to-do-it-woman. 

Some days you will find me at a small airline doing everything except flying the plane. Some days you will find me working at The Science Museum of MN imparting wisdom to our youngsters by lighting things on fire or teaching them how to mummify fruit. Some days you will find me in a recording booth. Some days you will find me utilizing my flight benefits and travelling around the globe. Some days you will find me in my garden. Some days you will hear me supporting and promoting the amazing talent we have in our community. 

I'd love to work with you.

Let's go!

Never take life so seriously
Tiny Tim ala Dorf
To Laugh Often and Love Much