(socially distanced performances)


My Funny Quarantine


This thirty minute comedy explores one couple’s epic battle to survive the slings and arrows of three months of joint

self-quarantine during the Pandemic. Just the two of them. Day after freaking day.


And if you don’t stop interrupting me! And if you don’t stop bossing me around! I’m gonna! No, I’m gonna ..! 


Composed of songs, stories, audience participation, fiercely comic sword fighting, and a lighthearted battle between the sexes, My Funny Quarantine is aimed at a family audience, and offers a playful diversion from the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic and social upheaval dominating today’s headlines.


Audiences will be limited in order to provide for social distancing.


To reserve a show for a group of up to 25 people contact: 


**Suggested donation is $5-10 per person (or more!) Cash OR Click here for:  Venmo @Jen-Maren

**Applies to General Public only

**Corporate Events: Please contact us through this website for further information.


Shows can be performed in an alley, a lawn, the street, or anywhere with a 10x20 foot space for the performers, and room for proper social distancing for the audience



Through July 31st, 2020, 50% of proceeds will be donated to the organizations of Black Lives Matter  and Equal Justice Initiative




Saturday, July 11th 7 PM: Alley- 1217 Edmund Ave. St.Paul, MN 55104

Sunday, July 12th  7 PM: Alley - 1217 Edmund Ave. St.Paul, MN 55104


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