Jen Maren, a performer and voiceover artist,  was a junior in 1992 at Red Wing High School, and a budding actress fresh off her triumphant performance as Maria in The Sound Of Music. One spring day, after school, her mother, Margo, ambushed her with the news that Jenny was wanted in New York. A huge opportunity in the Big Apple! Sally Jessy Rafael wanted to fly the two of them to New York to appear as a girl who couldn’t get a date to prom, and her angry mother. 

No date to prom. NATIONAL TV! And off they went.


This was the bus of humiliation under which Margo was delighted to toss her first born. It’s a story Jen’s been telling and retelling over the years - in dressing rooms, at parties, in bars - about the lure of unearned fame, the sting of public embarrassment, and her lifelong investigation into the nature of the love she feels for the preposterous human being she was blessed to call mom. 

And yes.  We have the tape!

Now you can laugh, cringe, and cry with Jen from the comfort of your own home as we adapt this performance to a virtual platform.


Following the 1 hour performance, the playwright, Peter Simmons, and actress will host a question and answer session. Please feel free to raise any topic you’d like, but here are some themes we think this piece explores: the effect of media fame on young people; mother-daughter relationships; the shaping of a true story into a performance; the ethics of media corporations harvesting real peoples' experience for profit.  Click here for pricing and to book your show!

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