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"As compellingly portrayed by Jen Maren, she’s a fascinating study, a sweet and sour blend of charm and malevolence who belts out her bitterness with roof-raising power. Glensheen is indeed one of Twin Cities theater’s most imaginative creations thus far this century."

- Glensheen, Pioneer Press 2023

"The brightest light in Glensheen is Jen Maren as Marjorie. From her first moment on stage to her last, she is an unstoppable force, taking glee in her inability to be anything but bad. Whether describing her greed-driven yearnings as the most natural of instincts ("What Does a Woman Want?"), taking center stage as a "Femme Fatale," twisting Roger, once more, around her conniving fingers ("Just You and Me"), or appropriately bringing her saga to an end with a blazing, eleven o'clock "Torch Song," she has us in her thrall. Maren uses every twitch of her mouth, tilt of her chin, and lift of her bosom to tell us a bit more about this woman."

-Glensheen, Talkin' Broadway 2023

"Maren keeps the audience in the palm of her hand and by the time she brings the house down in act 2, it is clear that this is her show to steal."

-Glensheen, Broadway World 2023

"Jen Maren and John Middleton are both uber talented actors who have been seen on multiple stages around town, and they're both so fantastic in these roles, with a great chemistry between them. Jen as Maude starts out as a stereotypical trailer park resident - teased hair, too much makeup, talking too loud and too much, drinking and smoking, but eventually reveals that she's smarter than first impressions might suggest."

- Bakersfield Mist, Cherry and Spoon 2023

"Jen Maren plays Maude as the kind of woman who just is, she’s lived so long in her community that she doesn’t try and make an impression she just behaves like herself. If you come to this show to see some acting you are out of luck, I didn’t catch either of them acting once. I simply saw Maude and Lionel, and I can’t think of a better response to have to a performance."

- Bakersfield Mist, The Stages of MN 2023

“So Jen Maren's Suzette could do that killer French accent. I counted seven big laughs in this show. Maren had five of them: The first and last were rapid-fire delivery of expository explosions, two were physical gags milked dry, and the fifth was a running gag I doubt was in the original script. It all adds up to the funniest debut on the Playhouse stage I have ever seen in a comedy, which makes this a must see show."

- Don't Dress for Dinner, Duluth News Tribune 2019


"Maren gives a masterful performance as the Scottish queen, effortlessly conjuring Mary’s headlong vivacity and generating sympathy for her captivity while simultaneously revealing the essentially shallow nature and heedless actions that have brought her there."

-Mary Stuart Star Tribune 

"But it is Jennifer Maren as Mary Stuart who must carry this show, and Maren is terrific. Her Act II, scene 1 deserved an ovation, but that would have spoiled the moment. This is award-winning acting."

- Mary Stuart, How was the Show  


"And then there’s the sweet and wonderful Jennifer Maren as Liz, Charley’s friend."

- THE WHALE How Was The Show


"This is Marjorie’s show, though. Maren relishes the bad-girl coarseness and duplicity."

- Glensheen, Star Tribune 2015


"Marjorie (a well-cast and seductive Jen Maren) is the enigma at the center of this story"

- Glensheen, The Current 2015


"Jen Maren, who brings Marjorie to life in all her murderous, arsonous, seductive, sad little girl glory. She's an endlessly fascinating villain, the kind that you love to hate."

-Glensheen, Cherry and Spoon 2015

"Jen Maren played the psychopathic Marjorie with such charm and humor that it was hard to remember she was the villain in the show."

- Glensheen, 2018 

"Jennifer Maren a blond bombshell"

- The Sunshine boys- The Guthrie, Cherry and spoon


Jen Maren is excellent as the intelligent Miriam"

- PANIC Park Square, How was the show 


"Vic (Jennifer Maren, in a tender performance overlaid with an armor of party-girl invincibility)."

-LOVE PERSON, Mixed Blood

"This was a perfect end to my 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival. I laughed and winced for an hour, and ended it with tears in my eyes."


"Minnesota woman’s lack of prom date got her on a talk show. Now, she’s telling the funny story.

-St. Paul Pioneer Press 2019

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