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Minnesota Fringe Live from New York, He's a Prom Date!

Today's the day! TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE for the 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival! Click on the photo to be taken directly to our show page on the Fringe website.

A couple of helpful hints:

1. We are at the Rarig Xperimental Theater which has limited seating. If you want to guarantee that you have a seat, we HIGHLY recommend getting a RESERVATION.

2. A Day Pass must be purchased ($16 for weekdays, $22 for weekends). This pass lets you see as many shows as you like that particular day. But it does not GUARANTEE a seat to a particular show. This where the Reservation comes in ($3.75).

3. So for the low low price of either $19.75 for weekdays or $25.75 for weekends you can guarantee yourself a seat to our show! WHAT A DEAL!

4. Don't miss your chance to get your schadenfreude on. We are excited to share this with you. RESERVE NOW!

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