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(or if you are from Minnesota... OH fer the love of...)

For the Love of...

Valentine's Day Concert, February 14, 7pm

For the Love of…”, a Valentine’s Day concert featuring the Twin Cities’ best female musicians, is presented by History Theatre in partnership with Lori Dokken. The performers will share their musical insights about the things they love, the people they love, and what they believe true love is about. There are many different types of love that we can all appreciate, from the love of nature to the love of a best friend and even the love of a pet! This eclectic group of stage veterans will perform romantic musical selections Broadway to opera and from folk to pop. Judi Vinar, Ginger Commodore, Rachel Holder, Erin Schwab, Joan Griffith, Maria Jette, Jen Maren, and Ellis Delaney are among the featured artists under the direction of musical director Lori Dokken. Through their experiences and life tales, these women artists not only personify the Latin word valentine, which means “strong,” but they have also been inspired by an independent spirit. “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before,” Albert Einstein once stated. Come spend an evening with nine powerful, independent performers, each of whom has strong musical ties to our community. This one night only concert will entertain you while we celebrate the real meaning of love. Ticket Information: Main Floor: $40, Balcony: $25. For tickets call the Box Office at 651-292-4323 or visit


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